Structural Advantages
CUPOLEX® uses patented dome shaped forms to introduce arches into concrete slabs.
The arches make the slab stronger by putting the concrete under compression, rather
than tension, and distribute live loads across a larger area than slabs on grade.                                                                                                       
Structurally, CUPOLEX® relies on stress arching principles that have been employed for
thousands of years. No other aerated floor systems can provide an under-slab void with
the same structural advantages.              Over 150 million square metres of CUPOLEX®
have been installed around the globe, without any reported failures. CUPOLEX® and
Aerated Floors have been approved by many environmental agencies in US, Canada,
Australasia and in many European countries.
A special extender CUPOLEX® Realto can accommodate heights of up to 2.5 metres or more. All CUPOLEX® Forms and their ancillary products are built to accommodate the reinforcing so it stays properly aligned before, during and after the concrete pour.
Safety, Performance and stability of CUPOLEX Dome elements
Cupolex Building System® was designed to provide the maximum performance and stability in their CUPOLEX® Forms. Pontarolo Engineering, the Innovator of the CUPOLEX® Forms has dedicated substantial research and financial investment to attain this goal to improve the impact resistance of the CUPOLEX domes. Before the placement of the concrete there are a number of operations that are conducted directly above the plastic CUPOLEX® form elements. The positioning of the elements, the layout of the reinforcement, the creations of the under slab void are all tasks that see the workers walk on top on the elements with various working loads, and sometimes in difficult situations. The maximum performance, stability and safety is the primary goal of Cupolex Building Systems.
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Cost effective greener and sustainable concrete flooring system
  • CUPOLEX® domes are made of recycled polypropylene, they easily inter-connect to create a self-supporting structure acting as a strong form work
  • CUPOLEX® is available in various sizes, it can replace costly engineered fill on some sites and significantly reduce cost.
  • Quick and simple installation of CUPOLEX® can save you time and money. 2 men can put down 150-200m2 per hour
  • CUPOLEX® can provide significant reduction in the volume of concrete and reinforcing steel.
  • Patented dome shaped forms of CUPOLEX® introduce arches into concrete slabs and make it stronger and reduces slab curling and shrinkage cracks.
  • CUPOLEX® domes are stackable and compact. Traditional EPS systems are bulky, light and nasty to the environment.
  • Unlike CUPOLEX® domes, the EPS equivalents can be messy and produce waste.
  • CUPOLEX® provides an absolute barrier and reduces potential for rising damp and moisture which is associated with adverse health effects. Most suitable for projects like schools and retirement homes
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint. This load for 20 home sites will save around 7000kgs of CO2 being emitted from diesel fuel into the atmosphere compared to transporting EPS products
  • High performance and safety is the primary goal of CUPOLEX® systems. It allows men to work on top of the elements with various working loads.