How the Cupolex Dome System Works
CUPOLEX® is a patented forming system for concrete slab foundations made from 100% recycled plastic. Concrete is poured over the modular dome forms to create a floating or structural concrete slab. The slab void that results, minimizes concrete contact with the soil, while providing a capillary barrier against moisture yet uses less concrete and rebar than a standard slab with equivalent load bearing capacity.
The CUPOLEX® cutting edge concrete slab solution provides major advantages over a standard slab on grade:
Provides an excellent moisture barrier under slab with a void that can be vented in soil with high water content or salinity
Water cannot leach up through the bottom of the concrete slab significantly protecting the structure from water damage and improving internal air quality
Moisture cannot wick through the concrete thereby ensuring the top and bottom of the concrete foundation remain dry. This eliminates the concrete slab as a possible source of moisture transference to under flooring overlays and prevents damage to expensive architectural flooring finishes, floor tiles or carpets
Ventilating the CUPOLEX® under slab void space will effectively help control Vapour intrusion, humidity levels, and temperature ranges, that standard slabs cannot control
Replaces fill or gravel that typically is required to bring the slab to the finished grade level and eliminates the costs associated with importing, compacting, certifying engineered fill. This also reduces any risk with post construction settlement of the underlying subbase
Longer spans can be achieved in pile/beam structural slabs than with flat standard slabs
Assists designers to deliver sustainable features that contribute to GREEN and LEED certified building
Maximum control of concrete curing resulting in a reduction of slab curling, shrinkage cracks while providing a higher quality surface
Provides under-slab void for running cables and pipes, simplifying post-construction installation of new wiring and utilities
We can provide special CUPOLEX® slab designs on soils with very low bearing capacity, high compressibility, or soil that is highly expansive

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Cost effective greener and sustainable concrete flooring system
  • CUPOLEX® domes are made of recycled polypropylene, they easily inter-connect to create a self-supporting structure acting as a strong form work
  • CUPOLEX® is available in various sizes, it can replace costly engineered fill on some sites and significantly reduce cost.
  • Quick and simple installation of CUPOLEX® can save you time and money. 2 men can put down 150-200m2 per hour
  • CUPOLEX® can provide significant reduction in the volume of concrete and reinforcing steel.
  • Patented dome shaped forms of CUPOLEX® introduce arches into concrete slabs and make it stronger and reduces slab curling and shrinkage cracks.
  • CUPOLEX® domes are stackable and compact. Traditional EPS systems are bulky, light and nasty to the environment.
  • Unlike CUPOLEX® domes, the EPS equivalents can be messy and produce waste.
  • CUPOLEX® provides an absolute barrier and reduces potential for rising damp and moisture which is associated with adverse health effects. Most suitable for projects like schools and retirement homes
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint. This load for 20 home sites will save around 7000kgs of CO2 being emitted from diesel fuel into the atmosphere compared to transporting EPS products
  • High performance and safety is the primary goal of CUPOLEX® systems. It allows men to work on top of the elements with various working loads.