Hard Landscaping
Sustainable Landscape System for Greener Cities
Cupolex® Rialto Soil Cells for hard landscaping (tree root protection)
Benefits of Rialto
Apart from hard landscaping (Root Protection Cells) Rialto can also be used in other solutions for • Crawl Spaces • Aerated Floors • Structural Weight Limits • Underground Water Tanks • Structural Fill, Learn more...
Comparison of hard and soft landscaping.
Trees in cities are almost universally seen as very desirable and aesthetically pleasing for pedestrians.         The most critical factor in tree health and longevity, is the provision of enough quality soil for the tree roots. Providing this volume of non-compacted soil beneath the pavements is an issue as shown in the following photos. The picture on the left is where hard landscaping is applied whereas the one on the right is not.  
RIALTO video presentation
What is CUPOLEX  Rialto
CUPOLEX-RIALTO® system consists of Domes, Tubes and Footing components that  can be rapidly assembled to create a self-bearing forming structure up to 2.5m (8’-0”) in height, suitable to allow the pouring of a concrete slab. All forming system are made from 100% recycled plastic. Learn more...
Sustainable Landscape System for Greener Cities
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