Benefits of the Cupolex Dome System
COMPACT: The pallets arrive on site shrink wrapped and neatly stored instead of a truck and trailer of polystyrene

FAST: 2 labourers can put down 150-200m2 in about an hour with basic hand tools

FLEXIBLE:  Site specific design can adapt to residential, commercial and industrial concrete foundations

GREEN: Can use less concrete than a equivalent Slab on Grade or Waffle Pod Slab

GREEN: Manufactured from 100% non-toxic recycled and recyclable material which can contributes to GREEN or LEED certified building

GREEN: Uses significantly less transport requirement to get it to site than other concrete void systems

ERGONOMIC: uses 10% of the space required for a delivery of polystyrene

COST EFFECTIVE: One pallet of CUPOLEX® is can replace 3-4 trucks of gravel or fill.  Savings increase if engineered fill is a requirement

COST EFFECTIVE: In general the CUPOLEX® system uses less man hours, less concrete, less steel and requires less heavy machinery on site

TRANSPORT: 3 Pallets versus a truck and a trailer full of Polystyrene reduces construction traffic issues or damage

SAFE: CUPOLEX®: componentry are black and glare free.

STRONG: CUPOLEX® foundations can be engineered for all Australian soil types

WARM:Thermal Analysis shows that the CUPOLEX® slab foundations perform well in all areas
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Cost effective greener and sustainable concrete flooring system
  • CUPOLEX® domes are made of recycled polypropylene, they easily inter-connect to create a self-supporting structure acting as a strong form work
  • CUPOLEX® is available in various sizes, it can replace costly engineered fill on some sites and significantly reduce cost.
  • Quick and simple installation of CUPOLEX® can save you time and money. 2 men can put down 150-200m2 per hour
  • CUPOLEX® can provide significant reduction in the volume of concrete and reinforcing steel.
  • Patented dome shaped forms of CUPOLEX® introduce arches into concrete slabs and make it stronger and reduces slab curling and shrinkage cracks.
  • CUPOLEX® domes are stackable and compact. Traditional EPS systems are bulky, light and nasty to the environment.
  • Unlike CUPOLEX® domes, the EPS equivalents can be messy and produce waste.
  • CUPOLEX® provides an absolute barrier and reduces potential for rising damp and moisture which is associated with adverse health effects. Most suitable for projects like schools and retirement homes
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint. This load for 20 home sites will save around 7000kgs of CO2 being emitted from diesel fuel into the atmosphere compared to transporting EPS products
  • High performance and safety is the primary goal of CUPOLEX® systems. It allows men to work on top of the elements with various working loads.